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    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., normally abbreviated to Nissan is a Japanese multinational carmaker headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama. The firm markets its vehicles under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands with in-house performance tuning products named Nismo. The company draws its name to the Nissan zaibatsu, now named Nissan Group.

    As 1999, Nissan has been a member of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance, a partnership within Nissan of Japan, Mitsubishi Motors of Japan, and Renault of France. Since 2013, Renault owns a 43.4% voting stake in Nissan, while Nissan owns a 15% non-voting stake in Renault. Of October 2016 onwards, Nissan owns a 34% controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors.

    In 2013, Nissan was the sixth biggest carmaker in the world, after Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford. Taken collectively, the Renault–Nissan Alliance would be the world's fourth-biggest carmaker. In 2014, Nissan was the biggest vehicle maker in North America.

    Nissan is the world's biggest electric vehicle (EV) maker, with over 320,000 global sales as of April 2018. The top-selling car is the Nissan LEAF, an all-electric vehicle, the world's top-selling freeway proficient plug-in electric vehicle in history.

    Nissan owner's manuals are valuable resources for understanding the features, maintenance requirements, and safety features of your specific Nissan model. These manuals contain information on regular maintenance, technical specifications, and other important details about your vehicle. Always consult the owner's manual for any questions or concerns related to your Nissan car. Here you can obtain a Nissan owner's manual by model and year.

    Nissan known problems

    Some of the common problems or complaints owners have about the Nissan are:

    • Nissan's AEB is suddenly stopping cars without no reason
    • Large rust holes in the Altima floorboards
    • Issues with the sunroofs
    • Low beam headlights are very faint, affecting the 5th generation Altima
    • Issues with Nissan's CVT
    • Some Nissan models are affected by the Takata recall
    • Coolant leaks are damaging the transmissions
    • The timing chains produce notable sound
    • Engines issues related to the gas gauges that never read completely
    • Faulty ESCL locks the steering wheel
    • EVAP system clogs and gas drops out
    • Fractured coil springs are piercing Versa tires
    • A faulty timing chain tensioning that Nissan produced
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