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    Lincoln (officially the Lincoln Motor Company) is the luxury car division of American carmaker Ford. Sold amongst the top luxury car brands in the United States, for almost its entire life, Lincoln has competed closely against its General Motors equivalent Cadillac. The division has the style of building the personal luxury vehicle segment with the 1940 Lincoln Continental; more lately, the 1998 Lincoln Navigator would be the initial full-size luxury SUV.

    Lincoln Motor Company was established in 1917 and named after Abraham Lincoln. In February 1922, the company was bought by Ford, its parent group to this day. Following World War II, Ford created the Lincoln-Mercury Division, joining Lincoln with its mid-range Mercury brand; the pairing continued through the 2010 end of Mercury. At the end of 2012, Lincoln returned to its original title, Lincoln Motor Company.

    Originally organized as a freestanding division above Lincoln, Continental was combined within Lincoln in 1959. For 1969, the Continental-branded Mark series was sold through Lincoln, using the Lincoln name for 1986. The Lincoln four-point star emblem is originated from a badge added on the 1956 Continental Mark II; the current version was launched in 1980.

    The current product range of Lincoln consists of luxury sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. During its entire existence, Lincoln has also offered vehicles for limousine and livery use.

    Current Models

    • Lincoln Navigator - Full-size SUV, 1998–present
    • Lincoln MKZ - Mid-size sedan, 2007–present
    • Lincoln Continental - Full-size sedan, 2017–present
    • Lincoln Nautilus - Mid-size two-row crossover SUV, 2019–present
    • Lincoln Aviator - Mid-size three-row crossover SUV, 2020–present
    • Lincoln Corsair - Compact crossover SUV, 2020–present

    Lincoln known problems

    Some of the common problems or complaints owners have about the Lincoln are:

    • Door ajar alert light won't shut off
    • Some Lincoln model have dangerous Takata airbags
    • Aviator rear panel cracks
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