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    Saab Automobile was a carmaker that was established in Sweden in 1945 when its origin company, Saab AB, started a project to design a small car. The original production model, the Saab 92, was presented in 1949. In 1968 the parent corporation joined with Scania-Vabis, and ten years later the Saab 900 was introduced, in time becoming Saab's best-selling model. In the mid-1980s the new Saab 9000 variant also lanched.

    In 1989, the car division of Saab-Scania was restructured into an autonomous company, Saab Automobile AB. The American maker General Motors took 50 percent control. Two well-notorious models to come out of this time were the Saab 9-3 and the Saab 9-5. Then in 2000, GM used its option to get the remaining 50 percent. In 2010 GM traded Saab Automobile AB to the Dutch vehicle maker Spyker Cars N.V.

    After numerous years building a sound engineering status and ultimately a luxury price tag, Saab failed to increase its client base beyond its niche following. After fighting to avoid liquidation throughout 2011, the company asked for insolvency following the collapse of a Chinese consortium to complete possession of the company; the acquisition had been blocked by the previous owner GM, which rejected the transfer of technology and production licenses to a Chinese firm.

    On 13 June 2012, it was published that a newly created company called National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) had acquired Saab Automobile's insolvent property.

    Saab known problems

    Some of the common problems or complaints owners have about the Saab are:

    • SAAB 9-3 Fuel Gauge Showing Empty (Fuel Level Sensor)
    • 9-3 Hesitation, Surging, and Rough Idle (Electronic Throttle Body)
    • 9-3 Clicking Sound In-Dash (Recirculation Motor)
    • SAAB 9-3 Binding Steering and Popping Sound From Suspension (Broken Coil Springs)
    • Coolant Leaks (Water Pump)
    • 9-3 Engine Noise (Balance Shaft Tensioner)
    • Steering Lock Failure – Make A Safe Stop (Ignition Switch Module)
    • Grinding/Moaning Suspension When Turning The Steering Wheel 
    • SAAB 9-3 Seatbelt Won’t Retreat
    • Clutch Pedal Won’t Return Up
    • SAAB 9-3 Door Locks Won’t Operate (Door Locks)
    • Key Not Identified, Haywire Turn Signals, Wipers, Cruise Control, or Lost all Keys
    • 9-3 Peeling buttons (Climate Control Button Set)
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