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Model overview

The Fiat 500X is a subcompact SUV produced and sold by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, as its introduction at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Following the 500L, the 500X is similar to the Jeep Renegade. Both being produced at FCA's SATA Plant in Melfi, Italy.

The 500X is based on the Small Wide platform adopted for the Fiat Grande Punto and Fiat 500L.

The Fiat 500X is available with different powertrains with optional all-wheel drive with most. Engines outside of North America included: one gasoline, the turbocharged 1.4 MultiAir2, and two MultiJet turbodiesels displacing 1.6 and 2.0 liters.

The Fiat 500X models are equipped with a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine producing 177 horsepower and paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission in all-wheel drive. Another option is the normally aspirated 2.4-liter four-cylinder powertrain mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission with standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive.

Fiat 500X known problems

Some of the common problems or complaints owners have about the Fiat 500 series are:
  • Power Steering Loss when performing slow maneuvers caused by a fault with the power steering motor.
  • Back of wing mirror plastic case becoming lose.
  • The oil warning light on the dashboard caused by an issue with the ECU.
  • The smell of oil in the cabin when driving indicating there is an oil leak caused mainly by a split oil breather pipe.
  • Window washer jets are not firing any water onto the windscreen or they simply sprinkle too much water altogether.

Fiat 500x PDF owner manual

On this page you can find the owners manuals for the 500x model sorted by year. The manuals are free to download and are available in PDF format. Is is recommended to check the owners manual corresponding to the correct year of your Fiat 500x to solve the problems or to get insights about the car.
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