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The Chevrolet Blazer EV is an all-electric SUV introduced by Chevrolet for the 2024 model year. It is built on GM's Ultium platform and offers impressive performance and driving range options. 

The top-spec SS trim comes with 557 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds. The RS trim, on the other hand, offers the most range, capable of traveling about 320 miles on a single charge. 

The Blazer EV features a sporty design, a large infotainment touchscreen, full LED exterior lighting, and a spacious cabin with high-quality materials. It also comes with advanced safety features and available Super Cruise hands-free driving technology. The starting price for the Blazer EV is $44,995 MSRP.

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Chevrolet Blazer EV PDF owner manual

On this page you can find the owners manuals for the Blazer EV model sorted by year. The manuals are free to download and are available in PDF format. Is is recommended to check the owners manual corresponding to the correct year of your Chevrolet Blazer EV to solve the problems or to get insights about the car.
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