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    Ford Crown Victoria

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    Mass-Market Cars
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    Dearborn, Michigan, United States
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    The Ford Motor Company (commonly referred to only as "Ford") is an American multinational maker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. In its twentieth-century youth, Ford, along with General Motors and Chrysler, were known as Detroit's "Big Three" automakers, companies that controlled the American auto market. Ford is the second-largest U.S.-based maker (preceded by General Motors) and the fifth-largest in the world (after Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia and General Motors) based on 2015 car production.
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    The Ford Crown Victoria is a full-size sedan that was sold and produced by Ford from 1992 to the 2011 model years. The replacement to the Ford LTD Crown Victoria, the Ford Crown Victoria served as the flagship sedan of the Ford model series, slotted over the Ford Taurus and as the Ford equivalent of the Mercury Grand Marquis.

2004 Ford Crown Victoria Owner's Manual

2004 Ford Crown Victoria owners manual
Crown Victoria
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